“Keith! You go to the back of the room. The rest of you students take out your math books and turn to page 106.”
I was often sent to the back of the room to work on art projects for the teacher while the rest of the class did 6th grade math. My favorite subject remained art.  
Upon graduating I signed a contract to teach art in a Jr. High School. Soon after this I got a letter from my draft board.
The Navy trained me as a ship fitter.  I was mostly stationed in Vietnam. I began my service aboard a destroyer named the USS Somers DDG-34, and the last year of my four years were spent aboard the Submarine Tender USS Dixon AS-37.
Returning home I became an art teacher teaching for 30 years first for Jr. High and then High School. During that time a continued to develop my art skills right along with my students. 
After my teaching career I began focusing on my art full time. Over the years my wife and I have traveled to Europe, Canada, and many states in the United States, all of which have inspired my paintings. We also enjoy traveling for the purpose of selling my art in weekend shows in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.
Keith Dabb
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